New Digital Art Painting by Carlos Burgess

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Where Are We Today

This piece was done in ArtRage on my iPad Pro tablet. I started it two months ago. I downloaded the ArtRage app and just played around with it. I loved how it gives that sense of actually painting on a canvas. How the colors reacted is really close to how it reacts live. I was inspired to use a lot of color from an artist that I’m following on Instagram named Valentyna Odnolko (@odnolkovalentyna) from the Ukraine. She displayed this portrait painting of Andy Warhol, and needless to say I was blown away. So this is my attempt to paint in that style. I didn’t use a reference photo, just went with an image in my head from familiarizing my self with the software.
As things unfold in our society I tend to reference this image with how the man looks like he’s in deep thought. Racial unrest, a deadly pandemic, and high unemployment has me asking where are we at in this society.

Your Thoughts

I named it Your Thoughts because I want you to share what your ideas are when you see this piece. What do the colors tell you? How do you feel about this painting. What story can you tell from this? Please leave a comment if you like it or if you see things that you don’t like. All comments are welcome.

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Take Care.

The New Normal


I did a Facebook live video about how I’ve dealt with “new normals” in my life. I have been dealing with stage 4 chronic kidney failure for 11 years. I’ve been on dialysis-both peritoneal and hemorrhage-dialysis since March 2010. I’ve dealt with serious complications from these treatments which resulted in me not being a on the list of candidates for kidney transplant.
Click the link below to see how I used my love for art to help me deal with my new normals.

New Illustration Art


Visualizing Her Sexy

Done in Infinite Painter/Procreate

This is a digital illustration project that I started back in 2018. I started drawing this piece in Infinite Painter Pro software with my Samsung tablet during a dialysis treatment (as usual at that time). I used a virtual canvas as a drawing surface and added some special effects brushes to possibly illustrate the “black girl magic” that was popularized at that time.
I unintentionally created two different versions of the image (mistake in saving the image-I think). However I came out with it and named it “Afro-Violet Brilliance”. It was intended to be seen by interior designers because violet was the color of 2018 according to the design industry. But, I kept it in my files once I got my iPad Pro to see what I can do with on an apple software platform.

First Piece
How it looked after Saving the file in Infinite Painter

Which brings me to today. Since I have a little bit more time than usual, I decided to make some adjustments and add some more paint strokes to the piece in Apple’s Procreate digital painting software. I wanted to advance the black girl magic narrative with the adjustments and changes in color. I wanted her to be a slight bit more joyous and feeling confident in her hair as she’s got this look like she’s feeling her self. I created this color vibration using warmer to cooler reds in contrast to tonal blues and bright violets together. Along with some bright highlights I feel it gives this “in the Club” look to her. It’s like she’s visualizing herself being the hottest chick in the spot while she’s in her room, or while she’s showering up getting ready to go out.

But that’s my story creating this piece. What’s your story experiencing it with your eyes. Please let me know what you think.

8 Home Art Projects To Do With Your Kids During the Corona Virus Pandemic


1. Virtual Vacation Destination-sounds great

2. Invent an Animal-Watched about three straight episodes of Star Wars. I think I can come up with something. 

3. Baby Yoda Time-Totally Awesome!

4. Your Favorite Character-Always doing that. 

5. Imagine Your Future-See number 4. 

6. Design and Draw a City- Used to do this when I was 12. Loved San Diego!

7. Design and Draw your Business-Again, See Numger 4

8. Abstract Emotion-Part of my next Art Exhibit

Click on link for full article