Virtual Art Show and Auction


Save the Date!
Friday August 14th @3pm EST 12pm PST. I’ll be showing my artwork and talking about the process behind creating these pieces. The Auction will be continue throughout the weekend of the 14th-16th of August @ this website: Some of the proceeds of the auction will go to The American Kidney Fund and The Black Arts Future Fund. Comment for more info.
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Virtual Art Show is Back on


August 14th-16th

Yes I’m back at it again! A bad hip can’t keep me down! I’m going to be auctioning off my artwork throughout the weekend of August 14th through the 16th. Some of the proceeds from the auction will go to the Black Lives Matter Movement in Hampton Roads, The American Kidney Fund, and The Black Arts Future Fund.

The Show

I’m going to do the show live @ 3 pm EST on Facebook Live on Friday August 14th. I’ll be showing my artwork and talking about the process of creating the work along with what each piece means to me

The Auction

While I’m displaying my work, you all will be able to bid on your favorite pieces. I have a website build up where you can place your bids and check on the action. This will go on all throughout the weekend with each piece of art being placed on the Auction block at a specified time. I will send out the schedule of the times when an item is up for bid. You can also check on the website under the “agenda tab for details on when the items are up for bids as well. The link to the Auction website is Plus you guys can also text in your bids. The number is (205) 883-3573 and you text the bid amount and the item code of the piece that you want to bid. You can follow along on your phone if you can’t get to the website.



Hip Replacement!? Yes me at age 42 could possibly need hip replacement. On top of that a paradectomy (removing some glands inside my throat) that’s looming over my head. All these ailments that I’m dealing with stems from my evil nemesis: chronic kidney failure. I met with an orthopedic doctor this morning and after a few X-rays I was told the pain in my hip is from poor blood flow in my hip joint to which the bone is starting to deteriorate.

Good news of the day: My first of a Limited Edition Print came in today which is featured here

Kind of says it all about how I feel about this day. Oh well, keep pushing.

Virtual Art Show


Check in with me on Friday July 3rd @3pm EST, 12pm PST as a I’m hosting my first Virtual Art Show and Auction. Since I can’t do any art shows in this altered world, I’ll create my own art show for you to enjoy in the comfort of own home or on your cell laying on your couch in your comfy sweats.
I’ll be showcasing and auctioning off my tile art sets, some of my art pieces, and some new works of art.

Kitchen or Bathroom


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