New Digital Art Painting by Carlos Burgess

Category 1

Where Are We Today

This piece was done in ArtRage on my iPad Pro tablet. I started it two months ago. I downloaded the ArtRage app and just played around with it. I loved how it gives that sense of actually painting on a canvas. How the colors reacted is really close to how it reacts live. I was inspired to use a lot of color from an artist that I’m following on Instagram named Valentyna Odnolko (@odnolkovalentyna) from the Ukraine. She displayed this portrait painting of Andy Warhol, and needless to say I was blown away. So this is my attempt to paint in that style. I didn’t use a reference photo, just went with an image in my head from familiarizing my self with the software.
As things unfold in our society I tend to reference this image with how the man looks like he’s in deep thought. Racial unrest, a deadly pandemic, and high unemployment has me asking where are we at in this society.

Your Thoughts

I named it Your Thoughts because I want you to share what your ideas are when you see this piece. What do the colors tell you? How do you feel about this painting. What story can you tell from this? Please leave a comment if you like it or if you see things that you don’t like. All comments are welcome.

If you like more info on this piece as far as purchasing this piece piece like this post, share it with your friends and message me on Instagram and or Facebook using the the links below.
Take Care.

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