Feeling Free


These past few days have been fantastic! And I didn’t sell not one piece of artwork!

“Huh?” “What?”

Ok before you call me stupid or weird or unsuccessful just hear me out. I’ve been having a whale of a time drawing, painting, learning, and most of all meeting with some outstanding individuals. These people have opened my eyes and my mind and I’ve been to place I wouldn’t even think I would be at three years ago. I’ve got more clients that want to commission me for art pieces. My work will be viewed by people that are willing buyers of art. Furthermore I’m learning more each day about creating art and the subtle nuances of my craft.

But why am I “Feeling Free” you ask? Well its because I’m being who God wanted me to be and He’s taking me places and I’m expressing my soul-and I feel great about it. I love to draw, to paint, to create stories through images. I’m not bonded by what people want me to be, nor do I feel insecure about what I put on canvas. I learned that sometimes you just gotta draw out what you’re feeling and keep going. See what the brush strokes and colors are doing. Just keep on painting. If you make errors you can paint over it or get a new drawing surface. Just don’t stop painting because the creativity and the passion will take take form and the next thing you know youve got a masterpiece. I guess it’s much like life whereas you can’t stop living because things aren’t looking right or you’re not getting any breaks. Sometimes you just gotta keep going, be open to changes and adjustment, and see how things fall.


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