My Artist Statement


Suck it up and drive on. It’s one of the many statements that was drilled in my head while I served 12 years in the Army. It means that whatever goes wrong in a mission just accept it and move on to the next task and try to complete the mission. That’s what my life has been like these last ten years. I’ve lost a lot since I was diagnosed with chronic kidney failure. I lost a career and a house. I lost a chance at love, suffered some internal organ damage, and for a while I lost my mind. However, throughout all this I didn’t lose my passion for creating art. Art is what makes me who I am. My artwork is a reflection of how I Suck it up and Drive on in life. I lose those thoughts of inadequacy due to my ailments and replace them with thoughts of where I want to be in life. I draw out and paint these images to reinforce that even though I maybe physically sick and tired, I am healthy and strong and as vibrant as a want to be. My mission is to be the best artist I know I can be and regardless of what obstacles come my way, I’m going to continue to draw, paint and create images that the world will love as well as inspire those that are touched by what they see from my work. I’ve been on this silent journey for a while, but I’m not alone. My family and closest friends have walked with me through this. But today I feel the need to share my experiences in these last 10 years. So for those veterans that are dealing with physical, mental, and financial hardships, I paint for you. For those who are dealing with kidney failure and are on dialysis or are dealing with cancer or any type of illness whether terminal or not, I paint for you. For anybody that is going through any difficult times in their lives, I paint for you.

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